About Antenna Point

What is Antenna Point? Antenna Point is a quick and easy way to find digital television transmitters (DTVs) nearest to your location. Why use Antenna Point? Knowing where the nearest DTV transmitters are to your home or business can help you decide which antenna is best for you, which way to aim your antenna for optimal reception and even help with troubleshooting reception issues.
Additional great features of Antenna Point include the following:

  • Interactive Comments Section - allows you to leave comments for your particular area and get feedback from others
  • Station List - provided by the FCC, this list features the local stations for prominent cities throughout the United States

How does Antenna Point work? Using your location and published information provided by the FCC, the Antenna Point transmitter locator system finds the nearest DTV transmitters and displays them using Google Maps, with three different view styles (Map, Satellite and Terrain).
Below is a screen shot of an Antenna Point search for Chicago, Illinois:

antenna point